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coming with the freshness

check out this dope new look.

I've been on backorder to do this for Master D.R. for quite a while now so - sorry for the five month delay.. five months? That's ALMOST THREE YEARS.

Well yeah, there may be a kink or two to work out still but all should be well. Hope you like the freshness and hit the contact email in the footer if'n you have problems with anything.

Hearts and puppies and candybars, -The web monkey.


upcoming organized sports show 11.11.2011

ORGANIZED SPORTS will be opening for esteemed PDX veterans FROM ASHES RISE at Branx (All-Ages!) on 11.11.2011

come down and get loose with us/count how many times davey atchison wipes his face with his pristine, 'drumming' towel...i'm pretty certain he's got his initials embroidered on that shit...baller-status!



Bulkhead Records t-shirts are available!

stupid-simple/sharp-looking.  tees are WHITE w/ BLACK Bulkhead Logo...we'll leave it up to you to color (or dis-color as the case may be) yours to whatever the pigmentation of your next meal and/or drink...

$6 (S/M/L available) - printed 'in-house'


MRR Radio #1264 features Organized Sports - I'm So Proud of Him

MRR Radio #1264 features Organized Sports - I'm So Proud of Him

finally...Organized Sports has been unleashed upon the world...thanks MMR!

note: there's a lot of other great stuff in this particular podcast. including newly 'christened' Northwesterners, Big Eyes, who'll be at the Know (PDX) on 11/22 w/ our friends Youthbitch, as well as perennial Bulkhead favorite's...SF's Face the Rail. 

listen to the whole thing here: http://maximumrocknroll.com/2011/10/02/mrrradio-1264/


Company is playing MIU-FIU release and a bar show on 9/30

company are such beasts that they're playing two shows (largely achievable as result of plan b starting/ending their shows much later). One at The Failhouse as a benefit for PC-PDX : Portland Show-Guide and the other show at Plan B. You can theoretically see company twice in one night. but if you have to choose one or the other make sure it's "mix it up/fuck it up" release! you can also buy their bangin' new 12" at either show.

  • Die on This Island
  • BH001/HIV001


    Die on This Island

    12" EP  $10

  • i'm so proud of him
  • BH002/HIV002



    12" EP